The Martian Story

The Martian Story

When launching our company, we needed to make a good first impression on the audiobook publishing industry and get the attention of all the awesome authors we wanted to work with.  So, here’s the story of the FIRST fiction audiobook we published…

We took a risk on an unknown author we believed in. Andy Weir was giving away the ebook for free on his website and selling it for 99 cents on Amazon, purely for reader convenience.

Podium heard a story that needed a voice, and that voice was R.C. Bray.  Hailed by many long-time Audible members as easily one of the best combinations of story and narration they had ever heard, the resulting audiobook edition was an immediate hit!

The Martian has hit milestones of #1 selling audiobook across all of, #1 in audiobook bestsellers and #1 bestselling audiobook in Contemporary Science Fiction on – the largest audiobook seller in the world.  It was a runner-up for Audible’s Best Science Fiction Audiobook of 2013.

The Martian won the award for Best Science Fiction Audiobook in 2015 for the Audies as well as nominations for the Voice Arts Awards, the two most prestigious accolades awarded to an audiobook.  And it won the Listener’s Choice Award (Best Audiobook of the Year) from the Armchair Audies.

After Podium released the audiobook, we supported Andy Weir in pursuing a major publishing deal for print and ebook editions and almost a year after our audiobook release, Crown Publishing (Random House), released the hardcover print edition in 21 countries. It became a New York Times Bestseller in its first week.

20th Century Fox optioned the film rights and after the massive success of the audiobook and the other editions, the film became a reality.  It was Produced and Directed by Ridley Scott with the lead role of Mark Watney played by Matt Damon! The Martian hit the big screen October 2, 2015!

Needless to say, the author has quit his day job as a computer programmer and is now focused on writing full-time.